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Specific Regulations for Agility Matches

The following Regulations must be read in conjunction with Regulations H and H(1)

1. An Agility Match may be a competition between club members or an Inter-Club competition between Associations, Clubs, Societies or Branches of Clubs.

2. Only registered Clubs, Societies and Dog Training Clubs may hold Agility Matches.

3. A Club may hold up to 12 Agility Matches per annum. In the case of Clubs which have registered Branches, each Branch may hold up to 12 Agility Matches per annum.

4. Application.

  1. Application for authority to hold Matches is to be included within the Annual Return required under Regulation C.4.b.
  2. On the day of the event a current Public Liability Insurance Document must be held or the event will be deemed to be unrecognised.

5. Regulations.

  1. A dog must, at the time of competition, be registered at the Kennel Club. Exhibits must be the property of Members of one of the Associations, Clubs, Societies or Branches competing in the Agility Match.
  2. The Committee of the organising Club may reserve the right to refuse entry on reasonable grounds.
  3. Puppies under 18 calendar months of age are not eligible for competition at Agility Matches.
  4. No dogs suffering from any infectious or contagious disease or having been exposed to such disease during the period of 21 days prior to the match may compete. Competitors infringing this Regulation will be liable to be fined and/or dealt with under Kennel Club Rule A42.
  5. Not more than 100 dogs may compete at an Agility Match Meeting.
  6. Prize cards, diplomas or other printed awards may be awarded at Agility Matches provided such awards are clearly over printed "MATCH".
  7. Not more than 2 Special Prizes shall be awarded at Agility Matches.
  8. The organising Club shall keep a list of the names of all competing dogs with awards, and the name and addresses of their owners for a period of 12 months from the date of the Match.
  9. Dogs, which have won an Agility certificate or obtained any award that counts towards the title of Champion under the rules of any governing body recognised by The Kennel Club, are not eligible for entry in Matches.

From the "Agility and Flyball Regulations 2008" booklet.

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