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A Typical Agility Show Entry Form

A Sample Kennel Club Entry Form

We'll look at a sample KC entry form here, though there is quite a bit of variation between KC shows in form design and content. Entry forms for other organisations are broadly similar.

Click on the image below to see a larger version in a new window.

1. Show name, venue and date

The above information is normally fairly prominent at the top of the entry form, often with a club logo. Sometimes the closing date for the show (the date by which entries should have been received, or at least postmarked) is also shown. Don't make the mistake of sending your entry to the venue address!

2. The small print

Most entry forms will contain some instructions that you need to follow in order to complete them correctly. It could for instance be reminding you that all dogs you bring to the show (in this case) need to be KC registered. Or to use block capitals throughout the form! Filling entry forms in incorrectly makes extra work for busy show secretaries so help them by being careful.

3. Your dog's details

This is where you start filling the form in. The 'name of handler' should be you, the 'KC registered name of dog' whatever posh name you applied to the KC for. 'KC or ATC Reg. no' is your dog's KC registration number (ATC numbers are for entries from abroad).

Fill in Breed, Dog/Bitch and Date of Birth sections in accordance with the details on your registration form. And then the height. Your dog must be measured before it competes for the first time at a KC show, even in an Any Size class. If at the time of entering the show it hasn't been measured yet, put S(mall), M(edium) or L(arge) depending on which height you think your dog will measure into.

It's worth mentioning at this point that any dogs you intend bringing to a KC show that won't be competing still need to be entered on the entry form. They will be entered 'NFC' - Not For Competition - and must also be registered. The entry form above has a tick box to the right of the Classes section.

4. Grade and classes

If this is your first show, you and your dog will usually be eligible for Grade 1, so '1' should be entered in the Grade column.

There are some scenarios where you might not be eligible for Grade 1. For instance, you might be running a dog belonging to someone else who has won out of Grade 1 or even Grade 2 - in that case the dog must be entered as per the owner's eligibility. Or you might in the past have owned a dog that won out of Elementary or even Starters - again you and your dog won't then be eligible for Grade 1, the new version of Elementary.

Assuming you are Grade 1, choose your classes according to the ones that include '1' in the range of grades covered. So you might enter Grade 1 Jumping, Combined 1-3 Agility, Graded 1-4 Jumping. You don't write all that on the entry form, just the class number that appears against each class on the schedule.

Some entry forms make your life easier by having tick boxes. And watch out for shows that limit the number of classes you can enter, as you may in theory be eligible for 4 classes but be limited to 3 classes per dog.

5. Entries and fees

This is where you are invited to part with your hard-earned cash. Put in the appropriate spaces how many individual classes you've entered, also if any pairs, teams, or if you've booked camping. There are often additional entry forms for pairs, teams and camping.

Add it all together to give you a grand total. Remember to include either a postage fee or SAE, depending on which the club requests, for running orders and show information to be sent to you. Make your cheque out exactly as requested on the entry form, and post to the address shown for entries.

As a safety net in case your entry gets lost in the post, we suggest you get a Certificate of Posting at your Post Office - they're free! Or you could consider online show entries (not available for all shows), more about them in the Show Information section.

6. Owner and handler details

The owner details to enter are those of the owner of the dog as registered with the Kennel Club. That will normally be identical with you the handler. If it isn't, you will need to fill in the handler section with your details as well.

7. Declaration

Finally, you sign and date your entry to indicate that you agree to abide by the show organisation's rules and won't bring a dog that has recently been exposed to infectious or contagious diseases to the show. Read the small print so you know what you're agreeing to! On a KC entry form, the declaration must be signed by the owner if not the same person as the handler.

Checklist before posting

• entry form - dog details filled in, classes filled in, fees, owner details, declaration signed.
• cheque or postal order - to cover the total entry fees (including postage where applicable), not to be postdated.
• envelope made out to the correct address to send entries to, plus an SAE where applicable.
• a stamp and ideally a Certificate of Posting!

With a Certificate of Posting, a KC show must accept your entry even if it is lost in the post.

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