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Fiona Hulse

Bobby and I took up agility at a local club in 1997, and started competing in 1999. Bobby had a brilliant season in Starters, winning out of Elementary in July and out of Starters in September '99. Merry, my first Border Collie, started competing in 2000, won into Senior in 2001 and into Advanced in 2003. Bliss, his half sister, started competing in 2006. She won into Grade 6 Senior, and qualified for Olympia, in 2007.

In June 2000 I set up the Agility Forum, and the Agility Addicts website is now one of the busiest agility sites in the UK. From 2001 onwards I became increasingly involved in training other handlers, including Pat Edwards and Lucie (the Agility Eye Starter Dog of 2001) during their meteoric rise through the ranks. In January 2004 I took the logical step and started up Agility Addicts as an agility training club. This was soon followed by the first of our regular agility shows. We now run about 10 a year.

Over the last few years, Agility Addicts has established itself as one of the top training venues in the west Midlands region, with many of our members winning into higher competition levels and qualifying for national finals. To find out about training with us, workshops, or our shows, or to invite me to judge (maximum 300 dogs!), please get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Bobby Brindle

Quicksilver Merrylegs

Quicksilver Bliss

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