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Agility 101

Agility made its first appearance in England in 1978 as an attraction to liven up the intervals at Crufts Dog Show. From the early Eighties right up to the present day, most of us have at some time probably watched dogs playing at show jumping, either at a display, on television, or in between the 'proper' show jumping competitions from Olympia.

Except that you never see a horse jumping through a tyre, racing through a tunnel, running across an A-frame, dogwalk or seesaw, or twisting through the weave poles! These are just some of the standard pieces of Agility equipment.

Getting Involved

Agility is exciting to watch - true poetry in motion when a handler and dog are in tune with each other. But it's even better to take part in, and you're quickly hooked on it! In common with other dog sports such as Canine Freestyle, Agility appeals to those looking for a way to further their bond with their dog and to enjoy themselves.

The appeal of Agility is so great that the sport has since spread to most corners of the globe. And no, you don't need a collie to do agility. Training and competition is open to all breeds, types and sizes of dog, as long as the dog is fit and able to jump. At a typical agility show you might meet anything from a Papillon up to a Weimaraner.

So if you're not already a fellow addict, why not find out where your nearest Agility club is and check it out in person? Or go along to an agility show or agility display? At some displays there is the opportunity to have a go with your own dog.

Become an Addict

If you're in Staffordshire, Shropshire or the West Midlands area, you are welcome to come and watch at Agility Addicts any time. Just drop us a line or phone us beforehand to let us know to expect you, and to make sure we're holding normal training classes that evening.

Contact us to find out more about agility training with Agility Addicts.

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